There Are Tons Of Questions About Security Camera Installation..

Our goal is to answer them all for you.

(Q) Are Contractors required to have a state license to install my Cameras/Security System in my home or business and why would this matter as long as the job is done well?

(A) The State of Texas requires all security installers to be fully licensed in order to perform any installations for several good reasons well beyond insuring the consumer high quality workmanship. Hiring unlicensed installers exposes you, your family and your belongings to a shocking amount of risk.  It’s kinda like handing a total stranger the combination to your safe and the keys to your front door only a lot riskier. Unlicensed installers don’t normally bother with the inconvenience of FBI background checks or the registration of fingerprints with the State of Texas Department of Public Safety that is required by licensees. This license is issued only to qualifying security companies for a term of two years at a time in witch that company can only hire installers with clean FBI background checks and registered fingerprints. We go several steps beyond the state requirements by enforcing routine drug testing and customer satisfaction quality control checks on each of our installers. Plus we require all of our installers to have an extra pleasant attitude. Who has time for rudeness especially in your own home?


(Q) Does Texas State impose insurance minimum requirements on security camera installers and if so how much insurance do you carry?

(A) This is an especially important question being that the state’s required limits are very low. We carry a beefy commercial liability insurance policy with coverages of $1,000,000 per occurrence, which is double the limit requirement in the state of Texas. We’re strong believers in your peace of mind and like knowing that in case of a mishap everyone as well as your property is more than covered. We are incredibly grateful for never having to use our policy and it would be our honor to work with you in keeping it that way.


(Q) How many different payment options do you offer?

(A) We strive to offer you as many payment options available to mankind. So far we accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, and now monthly payments as low as $21 a month for qualifying customers. For those of you who feel a little old-fashioned we even accept gold and silver. (As long as it’s real)


(Q) Do I have to sign any complicated contracts when dealing with your company?

(A) In most cases you'll have nothing more to sign than an easy-to-read invoice on, cameras, accessories and services provided, however there are some rare cases where we'll all be required to sign contracts. For example when there is a general contractor involved in the building of a new home or structure. This is definitely something that will be thoroughly clarified prior to your agreeing to any of our services.