There Are Tons Of Questions About Which Security Camera Is Best...

Our goal is to answer them all for you.

(Q) Is there anyway I can actually see the different camera options that could be used and maybe even a live demo of each camera prior to my making a decision on what camera best fits my needs?

(A) Absolutely, you being able to see and pick from lots of camera options prior to making an investment like this is a must. There are a lot of great looking brochures with enhanced photos that any installer could show off.  Some installation companies even have a small setup in their creepy warehouse location that you can spend your valuable time going to see. Without you having to leave your home or office, we’ll bring our live demo truck right to your front door at no charge. Our live demo truck carries from entry level all the way to high-end cameras that you'll be able to test out and actually get to see the exact image quality that will serve you best. Unfortunately, in the security camera sales industry the difference in what you're sold and what you actually receive can be very disappointing. Our goal is to completely eliminate that difference and most importantly make sure that you are 100% confident in the camera choice you decide on.


(Q) Do you warranty the camera equipment and installation services that you offer ?

(A) Quite simply, YES! We take pride in the equipment we use, so we absolutely warranty it! This can make a massive difference in the “upfront” cost when you purchase equipment from a security company. After making sure that there are no hidden fees, up-sales or back-end cost that your installer has in store for you, always make sure that any labor and equipment you purchase comes with at least a one year to eight year warranty. Of course the length of warrantees will vary based on the quality of equipment you decide on.


(Q) How much will my security camera system cost?

(A) The cost really depends a lot on your wants and needs. Much like choosing your perfect car or house, there are many factors that go into getting the right yet still affordable system in your home or business. One idea is having two numbers in mind, your minimum and maximum that you are willing to spend on the “right” camera security system. Being that there are many choices this will narrow your focus on what will serve your needs best and keep in mind that we are here to help guide you and not push you into any remorseful decisions. Our company survives off happy customer referrals and your long-term satisfaction is the lifeline to our growth. Some recent good news is that you can choose payment options as low as $21 per month. (For qualifying customers) So even if you currently have financial priorities that won’t allow you to have a system with all the bells and whistles that you really want, this easy monthly payment allows for you to enjoy your dream system today.